Mohamad Taleuzzaman

  • M. Pharm, Ph.D*
    Associate Professor (Pharmaceutical Analysis)
    Office: Pharmceutical Chemistry lab -3
    Phone: +91-9999300784
    Email: taleuzzaman@theglocaluniversity.in

    Broad area of Research Analytical method development and validation of drug.





    B Pharm


    Jamia Hamdard, New Delhi

    M Pharm (Pharm. Analysis)


    Jamia  Hamdard, New Delhi

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    1.  One month training of DIGITAL MARKETING at CIIM, Chandigarh, India. (2015).
    2. One month training in Standard Analytical Laboratory Pvt Ltd. Patparganj New Delhi. (2012).
    3. XVI- Quality Improvement Programme on “Challenges in Pharmaceutical Sciences” Sponsored by AICTE (Two Weeks) at DIPSAR, New Delhi. 21st Nov to 02nd Dec 2011.