Research : Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology

Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology is facilitated for pharmacological screening of novel drugs, Novel drug discoveries, Establishment of Mechanism of action of New (Drugs), study of pharmacology of new drugs and exploration of novel endogenous molecules as drug targets. Pharmacology department of the School can enter into project collaborations in regulatory toxicological testing, viz., acute, sub-chronic and chronic toxicity testing. The departmental research activities are presently focused in the following areas:

1. Opioid tolerance, understanding of drug withdrawal symptoms & their Management and mechanism of drug dependence.

2. Exploration of novel drug targets as potential sites of drug action.

3. Study of different angiotensin receptors to different drugs in hypertension and diabetic vascular complications.

4. Biology of diabetic complication and development of new type 2 diabetic models in rodents; screening of different substances for their antidiabetic activity (synthetic as well as natural).

5. Study of adrenergic transmission in benign prostatic hyperplasia.

6. Pathology of ischaemic stroke and evaluation of novel targets for its management.

7. Development of new models and study of biology behind cerebral ischemia screening of novel drugs for the same.

8. Biology and pharmacology of diabetic neuropathy.

9. Development of model for Alzheimer's disease in rodents and screening of Novel drugs of the same.

10. Study of biology for generation of bronchial asthma development of new screening techniques for the same.

11. Molecular mechanisms of protection, cytoadherence, immune evasion and red cell invasion in malaria.

12. Molecular mechanism involved in process of cell death.

13. Biology of inflammation and pain.

14. Understanding the pathology of neoplasms.