Research : Department of Pharmaceutics

Pharmaceutics laboratory is well equipped with sophisticated instruments for the manufacturing and characterization of various dosage forms. The department is equipped with various instruments for formulation and optimization of novel drug delivery systems. The students are guided by the esteemed faculties to achieve the entire concept of Pharmaceutics covering the above areas during course period. The department is also undertaking academia- industry collaboration projects with other pharmaceutical industries.

The departmental research activities are presently focused in the following areas:

  • Formulation and biological evaluation of transdermal formulation.

  • Formulation and evaluation of targeted drug delivery systems.

  • Optimization of various formulations by different techniques.

  • Invitro- invivo correlation.

  • Design and manufacture of delivery systems with predictable behavior.

  • Testing of formulations for oral, transdermal and parenteral use in order to address the problems related to poor absorption, low bioavailability, high dose etc.

  • Nanogel and emulgel are being developed & tested for transdermal and topical use.

  • Vesicular, Colloidal & Micellar Drug Delivery Systems.

  • Formulation and evaluation of herbal formulation and prodrugs.

  • Development of gastro retentive drug delivery systems